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  1. je vais aller voir de plus pres pour mon projet de site... ! google chrome 49+ for windows 7
  2. Game Sudden Attack Season 2 is the first shooter, designed based on Unreal Engine 3 game graphics so impressed with the enormous arsenal meticulous care little, gives gamers sense of realism, and overwhelmed. The main interface of the shooter Sudden Attack Season 2 [h=2]THE PLOT OF THE GAME SUDDEN ATTACK SEASON 2[/h]In 2010, all the major international powers belong to the UN (United Nations) with military forces and resources, thus forming the UGF (United Great Force). Join game Sudden Attack Season 2 you will have the opportunity to immerse in the brave soldiers, determined to take revenge. You can skill your marksmanship shooting through every game, through every enemy corpses. From the victories that you can upgrade yourself with more modern equipment, more modern, makes you stronger to be able to confront any enemy who appeared before you. If you have played Call of Duty UberStrike or it will be very easy to adapt, get acquainted and play well in game action shooter. Game Sudden Attack Season 2 is designed crisp graphics take you to the colorful scene, because your teammates forget themselves, these modern weapons. Lifelike sound makes you feel like you are truly a warrior outside the battlefield rather than before a computer screen. Game is very attractive and interesting for the police retaliation phase, toxic war, extremely dramatic teammates. According Asiasoft, you only need to register on DzoGame account, you can join all game versions SEA. Due to use of modern systems, DzoGame will easily solve the problem and support the players as quickly as possible, making you feel better cared for. Tanziriro Republic resides in the resource rich region of Central Africa, but the ongoing civil war. However, the natural resources in the region controlled by the rebels, who call themselves the TLF (phongTanziriro Liberation Army). After several requests to appeal the UN for relying on military force, should UGF sent to stabilize the region, especially "Silent Fox" command is John Hawk. See more: chrome 49 version beetalk 1.3.1 iphone All operations under John Hawk Fox has been very successful. However in his last mission, more than 800 soldiers detachment disappeared mysteriously. A year later, the Fox appeared under the command of John Hawk, and more surprisingly, they started working with TLF against UGF. Carlos Riviera, the commander of the unit UGF was sent to destroy the betrayal of John Hawk, and the rivalry between them is getting closer. Sudden Attack Season 2 was very good investment from the graphics to the smallest details on the weapons, characters, scenes.With a rich arsenal, the new shooting locations, gory action scenes, chase sequences, dramatic shootout game will be an indispensable title of the most aggressive players. Download Sudden Attack Season 2 and start of the shootings because your righteous soon.
  3. Imaginer un fou te frapper ou Toi tu frappe un fou ha ha !!:smile::smile: Quel sont les conséquences en Algérie... Je n'ai pas non plus de réponse beetalk for iphone
  4. j'espere que ça arrivera en algerie le plutot possible,comme ça chacun aura ce qu'il a payé,et vous verrez les mecs vont dimminuer le téléchargement,et la connex va se stabiliser!!! badoink
  5. Chuck Greene is the main character who must be responsible for determining pandemic Fortune City alive in the city. In the sequel to the hit game series Dead Rising, players will be portraying champion motorcycle racer named Chuck Greene. Nightmares are coming to Fortune City to compete in the contest, "Terror is Reality", a rather gruesome game show requires players to survive among the zombie swarm to satisfy the preferred spectator thriller horror and thrills worldwide. Chuck Greene accepted for Katey, his daughter. Katey has been bitten by a zombie, zombrex to tame this transformation. And according to an essential pattern, which is sure to have a price "gouging". Chuck Greene has accepted venture participation in this dangerous game. But one thing is not in the expected happened. Entertainment paradise Fortune City flooded with mobile zombie, and he form model bike racing champion had to battle with zombies all over the world. See more: beetalk for ios chrome 49 download To help gamers deal with difficulties and challenges, all the advantages of the gameplay of Dead Rising first version appeared in Dead Rising 2, plus a completely new element. With the number of zombies appeared dizzy, work to solve all this bunch of zombies certainly not simple and energy-consuming.Mingle with the co-op movement is booming, Dead Rising 2 allows players to fight alongside their friends through multiplayer mode 2. Supporting 2 player Co-op mode according helped bring Dead Rising 2 is quite relaxing moments as well as a diversity of tactics. For example, a person may as bait to attract the zombies are going back on the screen, while teammate is going to stand in a favorable position to finish off the monster this muck. Besides, Dead Rising 2 also has a game mode titled: Terror is Reality, is a multiplayer section, supports 4-player simultaneous play in the form of direct confrontation with zombies in waves. And Me, with hundreds of zombies on screen at the same time, Dead Rising has allowed players to take advantage of all the items in the supermarket as a weapon to combat this pile of zombies. Now that Dead Rising 2 brings thousands of gruesome zombies at once, Chuck Greene certainly need many "toys" than. Not only be used almost all objects in the game environment, Chuck Greene can also combine them together to create new weapons. There is no particular limit in Dead Rising 2, all depends on the imagination and creativity of gamers. However, players can unlock the "combo cards", these are special instructions will enable gamers know how things will work together for the best results. For example, when a saw to force a wooden stick, players will gain a powerful weapon that can damage a much wider range of attack times. Another example is the combination of a car battery on a crowbar will increase weapon damage for this. Combine as many weapons, increasing complexity and how much, the amount of Prestige Points Points players will gain greater. Prestige Points Points will be used to level up characters.
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