Game Sudden Attack Season 2 is the first shooter, designed based on Unreal Engine 3 game graphics so impressed with the enormous arsenal meticulous care little, gives gamers sense of realism, and overwhelmed.

The main interface of the shooter Sudden Attack Season 2

In 2010, all the major international powers belong to the UN (United Nations) with military forces and resources, thus forming the UGF (United Great Force). Join game Sudden Attack Season 2 you will have the opportunity to immerse in the brave soldiers, determined to take revenge. You can skill your marksmanship shooting through every game, through every enemy corpses. From the victories that you can upgrade yourself with more modern equipment, more modern, makes you stronger to be able to confront any enemy who appeared before you. If you have played Call of Duty UberStrike or it will be very easy to adapt, get acquainted and play well in game action shooter. Game Sudden Attack Season 2 is designed crisp graphics take you to the colorful scene, because your teammates forget themselves, these modern weapons. Lifelike sound makes you feel like you are truly a warrior outside the battlefield rather than before a computer screen. Game is very attractive and interesting for the police retaliation phase, toxic war, extremely dramatic teammates. According Asiasoft, you only need to register on DzoGame account, you can join all game versions SEA. Due to use of modern systems, DzoGame will easily solve the problem and support the players as quickly as possible, making you feel better cared for.

Tanziriro Republic resides in the resource rich region of Central Africa, but the ongoing civil war. However, the natural resources in the region controlled by the rebels, who call themselves the TLF (phongTanziriro Liberation Army). After several requests to appeal the UN for relying on military force, should UGF sent to stabilize the region, especially "Silent Fox" command is John Hawk.

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All operations under John Hawk Fox has been very successful. However in his last mission, more than 800 soldiers detachment disappeared mysteriously. A year later, the Fox appeared under the command of John Hawk, and more surprisingly, they started working with TLF against UGF.

Carlos Riviera, the commander of the unit UGF was sent to destroy the betrayal of John Hawk, and the rivalry between them is getting closer.
Sudden Attack Season 2 was very good investment from the graphics to the smallest details on the weapons, characters, scenes.With a rich arsenal, the new shooting locations, gory action scenes, chase sequences, dramatic shootout game will be an indispensable title of the most aggressive players. Download Sudden Attack Season 2 and start of the shootings because your righteous soon.