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BackTrack 4 R1


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BackTrack 4 R1 – Public Release



On August 4, 2010, by muts




The BackTrack Team is proud to announce the public release of BackTrack 4 R1. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, we believe this version is by far the best version released to date. With a shiny new 2.6.34 kernel, there are many significant improvements, such as expanded hardware support, and improved desktop responsiveness. Check out some screenshots.

Tools have been updated systemwide, and a full Fluxbox desktop environment has been added. A walk-around for the rt28xx driver has been implemented (for all you AWUS050NH owners).

The VMWare version has complete integration with VMWare Tools, which provides a seamless interaction with BackTrack in a virtual environment.

We wish you all a great time with this fine release – Feel free to download it – burn it and make out with it. We await to hear feedback in our forums and Twitter. Lastly, if you are looking for high quality, hands on penetration testing training – check out our Offensive Security Training page.

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Cette distribution arrive enfin à maturité, l'une des meilleures distributions orientées sécurité. A conseiller pour tous les administrateurs systèmes :)


Elle est peut etre la mieux médiatisée. J'aime aussi Frenzy (basée sur FreeBSD), et DVL ( Damn Vulnerable Linux), qui est similaire à BackTrack, mais très utile aussi pour le reverse engineering. :)



http://securitydistro.com/security-distros/ , ttes les ditros en une seule page.;)

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