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Coding Partner :)

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I know I should write in French but I know that Mr.Victor Hugo will dennounce his French right away after reading my message, so English Rules for now :cool:


I'm writing a Forum Engine, which means it will give more functionalities than just a simple Forum although it will run like a forum if set that way, and I need a PHP Coder or 2, after finishing that, I'll look for a Web Designer too.


It should be Business based, I have a website and I'm planning to start selling these pieces of Software online, by the way I have already a 2Checkout Account and their Payoneer MasterCard had been arrived a year ago, so I'm serious about it.


If anybody wills to help and be a Partner in both the Coding and the $$$ then PM me, even if you don't want to participate in Programming the Forum Engine but you have your own Scripts that you want to sell, PM me as well.


My work is still at its Beginning, I started it months ago but because of some circumstances I let it go until these late days, the Codebase is OOP and very clean and it should be easy to catch up with it, the most useful APIs have been already implemented so it would make your life easier.


I'm not in a hurry even if it takes a year but the result should be quiet pleasing insha'a ALLAH, for more details contact me.



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Guest java

Hi OuahabiXII


I actually java developer centered, I'm involving within an enterprise development services in France, I don't develop with PHP.


a blog engine is an excellent idea, especially the idea around how to be able to "monetize" it and manage it expansion (saas).


I also tried out some google technologies espcially appEngine, GWT, ANDROID, HTML 5.


So if you think that I can help just DM me.


Good luck

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Thanks Bro, I'll contact you if I have to work on a Java product any soon, for now I'm too indulged in PHP/Ajax and after that I'll look for other ideas GOD willing including your Platform.


Wish you good luck as well bro :)

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