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BlackHole IPTV v20 by MastaG with IPTV (1300+ FREE IPTV Channels) for Japhar NC3 Supe

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BlackHole IPTV v20 by MastaG with IPTV (1300+ FREE IPTV Channels) for Japhar NC3 SuperSim3




- Original cvs.

- Blazing fast.

- GStreamer

- Using the mx-hq9w skin (which is their latest official skin they are using atm).

- Backported fixes from OpenPLi, including a fix for a possible GS.

- Applied Dreambox specific fixes for ac3/dts bypass support.

- Applied backports from official PLi to support the latest gstreamer and eLogging interface.

- Implemented the official Vu+ addon manager using the Green button (inside the Blue panel).

- Feeds online.


Thank you MastaG !


Enjoy !

DM800HD : https://mega.nz/#!ncg1QJRT!TRa3QmqzPzgmhNDTK5JsYXqVwU9rp20IzNZGDX3TG5o

DM500HD : https://mega.nz/#!KYxyhbAb!JBcj6O0LE2cz2vYt3ICUZRwPwuGusz3Al-nc-452rsM

DM800HDse : https://mega.nz/#!zEwSUZxB!C5on1FDzStXj5Umq3weGQ9I9tnrab46FUSWmxSMfXBI

DM8000HD : https://mega.nz/#!WcgEVZqZ!17EqWHK8DOKsjq7OSbZVPVhsalc1bCYpo5TbYkt8YRA

VU+ Solo Ferrari : https://mega.nz/#!idxwUZbA!wqCbbZMw_Ly8hnc3SFzVQQLlfLbQpVibXjkZpS_CQXw

VU+ Duo Ferrari : https://mega.nz/#!KVgDFbzD!QUPsZZzXCWAyLwf39Q95lBi2gy0_UinBNWD6V_PLWy8

VU+ Uno Ferrari : https://mega.nz/#!WQx0lZaZ!fFb-tXIPDqn92Df-_k20ywqm7XF6XzzXPjtfeDEzjgc

VU+ Solo2 Lonrisun v1 : https://mega.nz/#!qYBXWKQL!2sb5tlPzuD-Ni4UGhghFttXSvWIqkf4Ou_cj4E3Fyk4

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