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  1. @subseven A Alger square : 1 Euro = 159 da salam alykoum brother subseven, just wondering if you buy and sell yourself currency such as euros or pounds? also if you know of regular trustworthy currency dealer in algiers that offer better rate, that i could get your or his phone nb please? as im thinking of keeping in touch as i sell a lot of euros/pounds either through bank transfer of hand in hand when im in algiers. let me know? jazaka allah khyr peace stranger
  2. Bonjour; Hier marché Clauzel - Vente 1 Euro = 161 DA; - Achat 1 Euro = 159 DA. Pour les devises électroniques: - Neteller 1$ = 136 - 140 DA; - Payoneer 1$ = 128 - 130 DA; - PayPal 1$ = 124 - 125 DA. Bonne journée. Comment faire pour acheter des $ sur Neteller ? merci Assalam alykoum brothers and sisters, Check out HIFX, it has a better rating and a lot more flexibility in dealing with international transactions (quick transfe
  3. Assalam alykoum brothers and sisters. could anyone tell us the GBP (£ Stirling) rate in Algiers please? £1 = ??? DA
  4. @riadtaihi What the hell!!?...are you serious bro??? what kind of banks are they?? this is not a business they are running...250 euros is pocket money!! i was hoping to send £34 000, then £1500 monthly, but it looks like Algerian establishments are not too keen on doing business nor building their own economy...sadly i feel you people, what sort of crap of leaders you have god have mercy on us! if there're any other banks that could allow big amount of cash please let us know? god bless
  5. Very helpful indeed...Thank you "skater7" you are a star!! Thanks to all for the great tips...who said that Algerians are not top-notch people!! ;P God bless
  6. I'm aware of that, but i want an account in British pounds. hence the rate in Algeria's black market is at its highest (£1=18.8DZD) if I'm not mistaken. having said that, it's probably more beneficial to convert first GBP into euro then sell euros instead of pounds outside, I'm not really sure of the euro rate at this time and whether or not I would be making more saving opting for this option than keeping the GBP instead?? Peace Stranger
  7. @riadtaihi Many thanks for the tip bro, much appreciated. Not sure if there're other banks in Algeria that allow you withdraw british pounds, will be interesting to know who they're, nevertheless i will give BNP a try and see whats the deal! god bless
  8. salam alykoum Brothers and sisters! I really need some advises. In Algeria, is it possible to transfer British pounds money to Algerian bank (Bank transfer to Algerian currency account) and then withdraw it from Algeria IN BRITISH POUNDS NOT Euros or Dinars? if so which bank in Algeria that do such transaction. jazakoum allah khyr salam
  9. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله، هل لك ان تضيف الى العملات الاخرى ثمن بيع/شراء الجنيه الاسترليني جزاك الله خير "subseven"
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