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  1. Style

    DZFORUM.COM domaine

    Ok I change my prices only for this week: forumsdz.com for US$100 dzforum.com for US$200 dzforums.com for US$200 I'm not using them and they are very visited. they are good domains for people from Algerie. Thanks
  2. Style

    DZFORUM.COM domaine

    oh well that's my approximate due the ammount of visits but of course I'm hearing offers. why I can't sell the domain here? Well never mind. Regards from Venezuela
  3. Bonjour je vends les domaines dzforum.com et dzforums.com. êtes-vous intéressé ? Désolé pour mon mauvais Français. Je ne le parle pas Je parle espagnol ou anglais Bye Romer Romero ------------------------------------ I don't know if the translator works well xD but here it's what I wanted to say: Hello I'm selling the domains dzforum.com and dzforums.com. are you interested? Sorry for my bad french. I do not speak it? I speak spanish or english Bye Romer Romero
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