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  1. Le FTTC est basè sur le VDSL2 technology
  2. le problème ils n'ont même pas utilisé le VDSL qui devrait être configuré par défaut avec un equipment FTTC . mais nous sommes tjrs sur ADSL ... :/ cette entreprise est une frusturation totale !
  3. ana neskoun fi un cartier AADL (relizane) deroulna une liaison FTTC ( fiber to the curb) eli hya VDSL2 normally mais apres le deploiement mzlna tjrs b adsl ... j'ai rien compris !
  4. Hi again ! i can assure you that the problem is not in our End. I've never had such issue 5 or 6 years ago until they changed their system ( algerie telecom ) i have a FTTC line (fiber to the curb), my ping is close to perfect. Literally tried everything to overcome this issue... still failed. So based on the struggle i passed through. i can claim that the problem persists on the level of algerie telecom switchers, and unfortunately it can't be beaten no matter what we do. As you said, the best decision is to stop playing till the problem gets cleared
  5. sah mchi fl ping ana andi ping perfect w ki nactivi G.DMT annex A ylh9 l ping 20 ms but machakil ghir homa chekit prblm ta3 routing f algerie telecom !
  6. (Sorry for the English) Hi everyone ! i've read your replies and i felt a shared issue among the majority. As im so eager to understand a very frustrating issue that's been chasing me for several years and which i can explain as follows : " shooting first dying first" " the opponent doesn't aim at my physical character but gets all the bullets counted on me" " getting hit behind object for all the times" "my health bar feels like i'm always one shot" and many more frusturating issues , i want any explanation that may help me clear the problem . i have a good ping (60 ms) most of th
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