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Fausse Carte Mere DFI rev 2.0 !!!!!


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source: http://www.techarp.com/showarticle.aspx?artno=533&pgno=0


DFI recently discovered the presence of fake DFI motherboards in the Indonesian market. It is not yet known if the problem is limited to Indonesia. However, there is a real possibility of fake DFI motherboards being sold elsewhere. Currently, DFI has identified these two fake DFI motherboard models : DFI MCP73V et DFI MCP68V


he detail to the packaging, documentation and the motherboard printing really makes you wonder if the people responsible for this have only limited their activities to DFI motherboards. It's quite possible that there are fake ASUS or Gigabyte motherboards in the market as well. Currently, only these DFI motherboards are available in Indonesia. All other "DFI" motherboards sold in Indonesia are either parallel-imported or fake models.




Looks like the counterfeit motherboards came from a Chinese company called J&W Technology. According to their company profile, J&W Technology has become "the biggest private motherboard manufacturer in mainland China and sold more than 450,000 pieces worldwide monthly." In addition, J&W Technology claims they are one of the world's leading manufacturers of NVIDIA nForce motherboards.

The two counterfeit DFI models "DFI MCP73V" and "DFI MCP68V" appeared to be rebadged versions of J&W Technology's JWT-IN7100-HD and JWT-N68PV motherboards.


cette info confirme l'existence de fausse carte mere , qu'elles soit DFI, ASUS , GIGABYTE etc etc, comme on connait notre marché algerien féru de ce genre de produit FAKE et pas chers donc un conseil : faites attention aux matos que vous achetez , que sa soit carte mere , barette de ram ,DD, etc etc , comparez les prix et analysez bien le produit , aussi je pense qu'il ya des revendeurs serieux ici , autant payer plus cher que d'avoir un FAKE.


maintenant que vous etes au courant de sa ( pour ceux qui ne le savent pas encore), faites gaff, UN HOMME PRÉVENU EN VAUX DEUX.


thanks , et désolé j'ai pas traduit l'article , pke google translator balance n'importe quoi :D

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en tout cas ,ca fait un bout de temps,un ami qui etait importateur m'avait dit qu'un jour on l'avait solliciter pour constituer un groupe en vue d'importer un container de D.Dur qui revenaient a 5 dollars l'unité.

s'etait des disques qui presentaient un defaut de fabrication.

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