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Evaluez votre niveau en matière de HACK ;)


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Voici un site qui devrait interesser les experts en matière de HACK et plus particulièrement la rubrique WARGAME.

Notons ici que le niveau technique est assez élevé donc HALT AUX KIDDIES :)


Pour vous donner une idée:



By touring through the most common exploitable bugs, users of this wargame are expected to have gained mastery in the basic fundamentals of system exploitation.



Network-Based challenges, builds skills used in creating server/client applications and challenges the user to figure out problems with various network protocols.



Blacksun is a wargame for learning more advanced exploitation techniques against hardened hosts and environments.



Drifter is a new wargame, along the lines of vortex. It is currently under development, if you would like to contribute levels / ideas, please contact us. At this point in time, there is 5 levels.


Sur ce que dire à part bonne chance ;)



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