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Hanlong Voip hardware


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Hanlong releases affordable two line SIP phone Unicorn 4102

The main advantage of the Unicorn 4102 :

* 80mm×39mm LCD with blacklight,support 4 lines with 16 characters every line

* 2 line appearances with LED and 2 independent SIP accounts

* dual switched audio –sensing 10/100Mbps network ports with integrated POE(option)

* support upgrade via TFTP or HTTP

* Easy to install,easy to config and easy to use

* support ODM/OEM

* selling at very compelling price

* support watchdog which can intiate the connection automatically when the IP Phone lose the connection with the SIP proxy sever or hang.


Gateway can support Asterisk

Gateway Series:

Unicorn 6004 (4FXS+ 1 Life line)

Unicorn 6008 (8FXS+ 1 Life line)

Unicorn 6040 (4FXO)

Unicorn 6080 (8FXO)


ATA with compelling prices



unicorn2112: 1FXS+1FXO

unicorn2002: 2FXS


Chance to get a free IP PBX

The Xanadu@home is an affordable IP-PBX designed for

small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

It is based on standard SIP.

Any SIP phone,Soft phone, ATA and other kinds of

terminal devices can register to this IP-PBX.

It can be used as a traditional PBX, also can

interconnect with PBX, soft switch and PSTN,

provide multiple communication solutions for customers.


Contact information

Contact person:Ms Catherin




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