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OpenPLi 4.0 IPTV v20 by MastaG with IPTV (1300+ FREE IPTV Channels) for Japhar NC3 Su


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OpenPLi 4.0 IPTV v20 by MastaG with IPTV (1300+ FREE IPTV Channels) for Japhar NC3 SuperSim3




- Support for BlackHole skins (the analog arrows), so the original mx-hq9w also works flawless on PLi now

- New gstreamer with many fixes

- New ca-certificates

- OpenPLi now features a overscan wizard which lets you adjust the OSD to the borders of your TV (by PLi-team)

- Python-pycrypto now installed by default to satisfy many plugins

- Lots of stuff I forgot


DM800HD Japhar : https://mega.nz/#!6cZHSYIZ!-dJFteuzZk1oeVSYnoXaq4peWveC8dHFUbC_B3SmuQA

DM500HD Japhar : https://mega.nz/#!3VZUlYaS!A6H1-fujds46qqXj2ImJWcHppvWU9c_ZhTlfOfZFaa0

DM800HDse Japhar : https://mega.nz/#!TMZgXTBL!s8XIk3m3cXkBCqCYQh1-jYFr2VMCsRNr9KBQVNnTCgg

DM8000HD Japhar : https://mega.nz/#!uFgRVAzR!jdjAoNDOFH08_ra6r3QrFwqdpe_DEsPIo2py135jH9c

VU+ Solo : https://mega.nz/#!iQRXVbbJ!VkMn2Roua8J0t3SyFTTHbyaX_7FAk96N_FzGBF6dP48

VU+ Duo : https://mega.nz/#!SMIHhAwI!sUCvQxyc-MxK5H9QLqoT9vGmN-O4NAFNLp_HtT0OqhA

VU+ Uno : https://mega.nz/#!rZ4EkK7Y!4j6_Gy9Vwu9e5VwuB25ocSB2RyCYe6U3Dj9XZGl56Yw

VU+ Solo2 v1 Lonrisun : https://mega.nz/#!WFZFVBpT!Z5S-QJoargYi8mGr_TZ8dlMyvnpE57WRlhFiSedt9xI

VU+ Solo2 v4 Lonrisun : https://mega.nz/#!Xch13KAB!AnRIu4pmpXKBKXb8aBkK07ovvatITwLbbCQFzA80u-8

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