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  1. That's if he gets out of prison unscathed but I doubt that. To get a job anywhere in the US you need a clean background, this guy is no Frank Abagnale (Catch me if you can movie), he had to work for free for the FBI for years after he got out of the joint. The hoosegow is really a nightmare for the native people let alone foreigners. Translation: Ca, si il sort de la taule indemne, mais bon je le doute. Pour obtenir un emploi n'importe où aux États-Unis, vous avez besoin d'un casier propre, ce gars-là n'est pas Abagnale Frank (Catch me if you can film), il a dû travailler gratuitement
  2. You gotta be careful what you wish for. This guy looks young and stupid laughing his a$$ off but believe me he has no clue what Georgia's maximum security hoosegow is about. Once they throw him in and he meets Big Bubba he'll never smile again in his life. Translation: Vous devez faire attention à ce que vous souhaitez. Ce mec a l'air jeune et stupide, sourire je ne sais pas pourquoi, mais croyez-moi, il n'a aucune idée c'est quoi une prison americaine, mais une fois dedans il va recontre Big Bubba, et il ne sourira jamais dans sa vie.
  3. Steve Jobs is gone and so is Apple.
  4. Not matter how many YouTube clips you post here to try to convince the crowd the Syrian revolution is a US/^^^^^^/West conspiracy under the disguise of the other side of the story, let me assure you it's not working, people are already aware that Bashar's time is short and I am sure once he's gone, your propaganda is gone too. You keep trying to put lipstick on a pig but it's still a pig. Let the Syrians speak for themselves, they want freedom from Bashar and believe me they will get it, it's just a matter of time. "Give me Liberty, or give me death". Patrick Henry. Translat
  5. As far as I know the Syrian people are not looking for democracy, at least not your version. Since the start of this revolution the one thing the Syrians are looking for is LIBERTY, something I am sure is hard for you to grasp. And as rightly said by Omar Ibn Al Khatab: "Since when you have taken people for slaves whereas they are born free". Translation: Pour autant que je sais le peuple syrien ne sont pas à la recherche de la démocratie, du moins pas votre version. Depuis le début de cette révolution, la seule chose que les Syriens sont à la recherche de la liberté, quelque chose que
  6. It's funny you can't even make a difference between the Palestinian and the Baath flags, you come lecture us about the middle east history and politics. Google translate: C'est drôle que vous ne pouvez même pas faire une différence entre les deux drapeaux, vous venez nous faire la leçon sur l'histoire et politique du Moyen-Orient.
  7. Glad you brought the Hama 1982 massacre up for the people that weren't born at that time and don't even know who the Bashars are but they still defend them. As they say History repeats itself. Google Translation: Heureux que vous souleviez le Hama 1982 massacre pour les gens qui ne sont pas nés à cette époque et ne savent même pas qui sont les Bashars mais ils les défendent pour toujours. Comme ils le disent L'histoire se répète
  8. That's not the Palestinian flag being burned it's actually the Baath Party flag they are torching and rightly so.
  9. "Donc la variable pic n'est pas défini cela veut dire que la variable $pic n'existe pas" pic query string is already in your URL, highlighted in red pic =image-uploade/22-05-2012-19-07-22-M5-00.jpg&w_max=80&h_max=60"> the php $_GET function will read it from the url passed in. so for example you have the following url http://www.example.com/pic=somepicture.jpg and you do $_GET["pic"] this will produce "somepicture.jpg". Your miniature.php script is working fine except that it ain't able to locate your images folder, where did you put the images folder " image
  10. It's a known issue in SG S II cameras, it's a failed Auto-Focus and only serviceable by Samsung I believe. Look it up online "Samsung Galaxy SII AutoFocus issues". I read somewhere that when you change the focus mode to something other then Auto, you'll get it to work. Good Luck.
  11. MegaUpload was an easy target and actually the investigation started in 2010 when Kim Dotcom was sleeping on the wheel. The most damning evidence the FBI has, is from their email server which was hosted in Virginia (USA) without encryption. They had 36 servers hosted by Cogent Network (Virginia, USA) for $1M/Month that had pirated materials on them. The internal emails are often incriminating if you read the indictment, what was going on between staff discussing piracy, where to find pirated materials, rewarding uploaders with cash payments for uploading pirated materials and helping o
  12. Sorry here is google translation Vous êtes sûr d'espoir, mais selon l'accusation il n'ya aucune chance qu'ils reviennentjamais. Le département américain de la Justice ne va pas après que quelqu'un jusqu'à ce qu'ils soient sacrément sûr qu'ils ont suffisamment de preuves pour les mettre derrière les barreaux.
  13. You sure hopeful but according to the indictment there is no chance they will come back ever. The US Department of Justice won't go after somebody until they are damn sure they have enough proof to put them behind bars.
  14. You got it right. The day after when people started celebrating this so called victory the US government shuts down MegaUpload. The irony is that people forget that the white house has more power and don't need PIPA or SOPA to do whatever it wants.
  15. The fact is, these Kings and Emirs approach to human rights has been appalling let alone there regards for animal welfare. Google translate (As Is) Le fait est que ces émirs et des rois à l'approche des droits humains a été épouvantable et encore moins ce qui concerne la protection des animaux
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