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Piratage : Le Site de La Radio Nationale Détourné pour Insulter Algérie Télécom !!!!


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Le site de la radio algérienne piraté


Le site web de la radio nationale algérienne affiche désormais le message Hacked by SanFour 25.


Ceux qui ont l’habitude d’écouter les émissions de Jil Fm en streaming sur le site web, peuvent désormais apprécier la chanson de Beyoncé »Halo « , en lisant un message laissé là par un certain sanfour25.

L’ironie se trouve dans le message du hacker. Ce dernier s’adresse en fait à Algérie Télécom, l’unique ISP et s’indigne des coupures répétitives de sa connexion, de la bande passante faible, des prix élevés et du service de maintenance extrêmement lent.


Voici donc le message dans son intégralité ( grossièretés censurées ).


**** itisalat eljazair Hard Peace of Sh**


Lived some neighborhoods of the city of Constantine, since mid-day yesterday, a break with a comprehensive Internet and telephone services as a result of the inability of Algerie Telecom technicians to control the new technology » mother. Saint ».

Some sources have attributed informed due to the inability of Algeria Telecom Foundation for the conduct of modern technology, which began in the application, through the transformation of Internet services, » AdsL », » or San »


which flow reaches limits of 20 megabytes (MB) . According to the Director of contact contacts Algeria, Mr. Abdelhakim Meziani, the flaw occurred only at the local level will take a long time.


Exposure » Telecom Algeria subscription Internet quickly and one megabyte per second b 2019 Algerian dinars per month, while offering Maroc Telecom Company » » subscription rapidly 4 megabytes per second for 99 dirhams per month or


approximately 900 dinars, inwhile subscription price 4 megabytes per second in Algeria is limited to 5,700 Algerian dinars or 6 times the price asked in Morocco. And reach a larger display in terms of the speed of the Internet in Morocco to


20 megabytes per second monthly subscription AED 499 which is equivalent to 4,500 dinars, while bringing the largest display in Algeria to the speed of 8 megabytes per second only monthly subscription 10600 dinars in Show » Anis Plus »


a very high price compared in Morocco country that has made progress in the online service of the third generation.


Rah trakbo li cable tgol rah trakbo satellite ya **** lwahed 3ando 1 mois whowa fel ham 8 mega tgol rani bel 512 riglo rwa7kom ya **** cha3b raho chba3 mankom





Bien fait pour leurs gueules :surprise:

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