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Text 4 - has someone time, please ?

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I have learnt a lot from the previous text. Now, here is the next one:









But let me try a translation on my own:


Muhammad and Ali at the school


This morning Muhammad have met his friend Ali in the schoolyard. Muhammad said to him:

- Good morning, Ali. How do you do ?

- I'm fine, praise be to God! And you, Muhammad, how do you do ?

- I'm fine, praise be to God! ........ What did you do ?

- ........ because a child, my friend, has come to our house, and we have played together. That child is the teacher's son. After that, my uncle's son has come, and we both went out and went to the cinema. And thus, I didn't study the exercises, and my brother Abd-Allah .........

- Here is the teacher!




Can someone complete (and correct) my translation ? Or a full translation in french, if it's easier.


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1/ ..... = J'ai fait mon exercice.

2/ ..... = Moi aussi j'ai fait mon exercice mais il était difficile.

3/ ..... = Mon frere Abd-allah qui n'a que 5 ans, sait compter mieux que moi.

4/ ..... = Et ils sont entrés eux et leut amis en salle de cours.



PS: sur l'image scanné, on aperçoit des lignes d'écritures en anglais, est-ce la traduction du texte ?

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Thank you, thank you! I'm very happy now! I have understood!


But why do you think I already have the translation in that book ? If it would be so, why I would ask you for the translation ? Look what's above the arabic text:





And on the other page (verso):





Do you see now ? It's no translation! My grammar book has just arabic texts, a little vocabulary, and a little grammar. There are no translations of the texts.


However, thanks a lot for your help.

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