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My Experience with AssilaBox IPTV!


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Salam tous le monde, sorry mais je vais poster en Anglais pour etre capable de m'exprimer bien ce que je veux dire.


Yesterday in Bechar the local Assila agent called me, asking me about the IPTV, if there are any improvements because they were working on the DSLAM to adapt it with the new service, but I answered :"No, there is always some sort of Image freezing from 1 to 2 secondes, while my modem is still synchronized at 5MBit!!!", and the call ended there, by the way we have a very good agents in Bechar, they're very understandable and easy going.


Anyway, at the night a neighbor visited me to set his laptop to work with my wifi access, he's a doctor and he needs to use the net to get the new infos online, I was just explaining to him what services do we have along with the internet access and how would the future be for the Phone, TV and the net to be provided from one ISP, and I was going to show him an IPTV sample although it freezes, but TF1 popped up clearly and without freezing Masha'a ALLAH, it was just perfect, I started ProgDVB6std and I had chosen IPTV as a Device then I started a blind search on the 238.1.1.x range on port 1234 and it gave me the list of channels it found, the first one is Al-Majd Quran then they came the others.


I tried also the VOD with the set top box and it worked like a charm too, I watched HULK yesterday and today with the ability to move forward and backward and pause the Movie too.


So, this IPTV got my interest and it made me investigating it, what I have found after scanning EEPAD ports is that they are using Apple DSS free server to stream videos and manage both of LiveTV & the VOD (Video On Demand) and they have 2 ports opened for that, I guess one for the LiveTv and the second for the VOD.


Going back to the VLC, I did run it simultaneously with an UDP sniffer that gives me the real Streaming IP address and its opened port, the sniffed IP is: and the opened port is totally different than 1234, looking at its WhoIs it shows this RFC: 1918 which refers on the ARIN & ICANN to :


1. Introduction


For the purposes of this document, an enterprise is an entity

autonomously operating a network using TCP/IP and in particular

determining the addressing plan and address assignments within that



This document describes address allocation for private internets. The

allocation permits full network layer connectivity among all hosts

inside an enterprise as well as among all public hosts of different

enterprises. The cost of using private internet address space is the

potentially costly effort to renumber hosts and networks between

public and private.


2. Motivation


With the proliferation of TCP/IP technology worldwide, including

outside the Internet itself, an increasing number of non-connected

enterprises use this technology and its addressing capabilities for

sole intra-enterprise communications, without any intention to ever

directly connect to other enterprises or the Internet itself.



To read the full RFC article try this link


So EEPAD is using about the same technology as the French FreeBox.


what I think we need to know now is how to get access to the Set Top Box FirmWare and Parameters since there is no law red flags about that and there is no predefined EULA by Zala Computers, right now I'm scanning the open ports on the Set Top Box and till now I have only 2 opened ports, it looks like it's going to take some time, and the next step I would make my LapTop a DHCP server and set the sniffer on port 1234 then I'll link the STB to the Laptob and I'll sniffe the sent packets insha'a ALLAH so that I will be able to send the same Packets to get legal access to their page http://video-11001.eepad.dz, at least I hope and it looks kinda logical, and if somebody can do it before me plz feel free to.


The last thing, is that ProgDVB shows that each channel needs about 967Kbit/s and we have 4Mbit free for the IPTV!?


So I tried to watch different channels on the STB and the PC with VLC and they both worked smoothly Tabaraka ALLAH, and all I can say as an explanation is that's reserved for broadcasting on HD MPEG4 in the future and brother [AssilaBox] had showed us that the STB has the needed integrated peripherals to do so.


Finally say Mash'a ALLAH Tabaraka ALLAH for the connection :cool:


And if you have any thing to share add it here, and I forgot I found some channels that they didn't listed on their site, have a good night.


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I have to add something I forgot, it's that I requested to have the Pack 'Evasion' but I got the Pack M'dina!!!!???? that has Only 6 channels & it's not listed anywhere at all, this is the only frustrating thing in the whole issue & may be the 50da per movie too, I think they should decrease the price, we're still in Algeria though, a 20DA or 25DA seems acceptable!

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Hier dans Bechar l'agent d'Assila de gens du pays m'a appelé, me demandant qu'au sujet de l'IPTV, s'il y a des améliorations parce qu'ils travaillaient au DSLAM pour l'adapter avec le nouveau service, mais j'ai répondu : " ; Pas, il y a toujours une certaine sorte d'image gelant de 1 à 2 secondes, alors que mon modem est encore synchronisé à 5MBit ! ! ! " ; , et l'appel a fini là, d'ailleurs nous ont les agents très bons dans Bechar, they' ; très compréhensible et facile à vivre re. Quoi qu'il en soit, la nuit un voisin m'a rendu visite pour placer son ordinateur portable pour travailler avec mon accès de wifi, he' ; le docteur et lui de SA doit employer le filet pour obtenir les nouvelles informations en ligne, j'expliquais juste à lui quels services nous ont avec l'accès d'Internet et comment le futur serait pour que le téléphone, la TV et le filet soit fourni d'une ISP, et j'allais lui montrer un échantillon d'IPTV bien qu'il gèle, mais TF1 sauté vers le haut de clairement et sans geler Masha' ; un ALLAH, il était simplement parfait, j'ai commencé ProgDVB6std et j'avais choisi IPTV pendant qu'un dispositif alors je commençait une recherche sans visibilité sur la gamme 238.1.1.x sur le port 1234 et il me donnait la liste de canaux qu'elle a trouvés, le premier est Quran d'Al-Majd alors ils sont venu les autres. J'ai essayé également le VOD avec le boïtier unique contenant les codeurs et les avertisseurs et cela a fonctionné comme un charme aussi, j'ai observé la CARCASSE hier et aujourd'hui avec la capacité de se déplacer en avant et vers l'arrière et de faire une pause le film aussi. Ainsi, cet IPTV a obtenu mon intérêt et il m'a fait l'étudiant, ce que j'ai trouvé après balayant EEPAD des ports est qu'ils utilisent le serveur d'Apple SAD librement pour couler des vidéos et pour contrôler tous les deux & de LiveTV ; les VOD (vidéo sur demande) et eux ont 2 ports ouverts pour le ce, je devine un pour le LiveTv et le deuxième pour le VOD. Retournant au VLC, je l'ai couru simultanément avec un renifleur d'UDP qui me donne le vrai IP address coulant et son port ouvert, l'IP reniflé est : et le port ouvert est totalement différent que 1234, regardant son WHOIS il montre ce RFC : 1918 qui se réfère sur le & d'ARIN ; ICANN à :

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