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The ultimate guide to fixing PC performance issues caused by RAM upgrade


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I have a problem with my PC performance after upgrading my RAM. Here are my PC specifications: > > ``` > CPU: intel core I7 9700K 3.60GHz > Motherboard: Z390 AOURUS ULTRA-CF > RAM: DDR4 - 32gb - 4-8gb 3200MHz > GPU: GeForce RTX 3060 > OS: Windows 10pro > SSD: m2 SSD980 SAMSUNG > ``` > > I added two more 8gb RAM sticks of the same model and enabled XMP in the BIOS. Since then, my PC has been experiencing lag spikes and freezes in games, and it is slower than before. Also, almost every time I boot my PC, I get a BIOS error message saying that the settings have been restored to default and the RAM speed has been reduced from 3200MHz to 2400MHz. I don't know what is causing this issue and how to fix it. Can you please help me?

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Essaye déjà de t'assurer que la RAM ajoutée est compatible et de la même fréquences que les anciennes barrettes (dans le cas contraire elles seront limitée à la fréquence la plus basse).

Je te conseil également de mettre à jour la version de ton BIOS vers la dernière version.

Ensuite il faudra tester les barrettes ram séparément pour être sûr qu'aucune n'est défectueuse. 

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