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Projet de fin detude ra

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bonjour a tous je suis etudiant en informatique a L'UMMTO et mon theme n'est rien dautre qune application de TRACKING 3D DOBJET RIGIDE A PARTIR DUNE SEQUENCE VIDEO EN TEMPS REEL bon pour resumé une application de realité augmenté! jatend votre soutien et votre aide quelque soit la maniere!:)

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You can get a look at the Kinect implementation in Ubuntu, and there is even an official open source driver released lately.


I recall an open source application made in a university, you can google it and you'll find it easily except that it works as a plugin/extension in Nuke/Maya/Blender or even with Boujou but not as a standalone.


Other simple Algorithms are found on pudn.com , I used some of them in a couple of years ago, so check them up and you'll find lots of Gaussian implementations based on Edge-Detection Algos.


Good Luck in your Thesis.



Excuse my ignorance but where's this UMMTO University situated?

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thanks a lot my friend,

the location of ummto university is in Tizi ouzou in north algeria ,there is 100km between it and the capital (algiers)

I see that you have some experience in this domain so you can be helpful to me I hope that you'll give me more information about this topic

hummmm so for my application I will lean toward C++ & openCV for coding and for the detection I would like to use SIFT detection but I am not verry sure, I am frightened that it will be hard!

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