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moi j'ai eu ma clé sur ce site http://www.gamersplatoon.com


inscris toi et lis ça




je cite


How to win your own Game key?


1. Must be active & Registered on GP TeamSpeak

( "ts.mygamersplatoon.com" or ts3.GamersPlatoon.com ) You need Teamspeak 3 Client download it at : http://www.teamspeak.com


2. Like GamersPlatoon page on facebook

( http://www.facebook.com/GamersPlatoon )


3. Subscribe to GamersPlatoon page on Youtube

(http://www.youtube.com/GamersPlatoon )


4.Score minimum 50 Gamersplatoon points on forums (You recieve GPP by posting, liking, getting liked, giving/getting "Thank you for this useful post" on GamersPlatoon forums)


Find out what is your score here: http://www.gamersplatoon.com/forums/xperience.php


Learn About how to earn GPP ( GamersPlatoon Points ) here: http://gamersplatoon.net/home/index....tic&staticID=1


Or This Link to learn how the Activity points system works: http://www.gamersplatoon.com/forums/...ce.php?go=earn



5. Make Sure to Goto the GP Ranks Page here, then request your Game Key.


By following these simple steps you entering a daily pool for winning your own Game key.


Winners: ( 2 Winners Every Day )

#You will receive the Game Key to your forums Inbox (from BlekStena, KingHunt or B. C. Daley )

#You will Find War Z or Ravaged Badges ( Depends on which game you requested ) next to your Ranks Display and yes, you can request for both games Giveaways 5BxVk.png



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khoya ma tkasarch rassak m3a had le jeu pourri je te conseille de l arrêter depuis mtn

une foi J étais sur un group de 7 membre dans le server on etes tous buté par un seul cheateur AIMBOT donc j ai perdu tout mes arme M4/SNIPER/SHOTGUN Apret avoir jouer 1 mois pour trouver ces armes ils nous a tuer de long distence

mais m3lich je vais telecharger la mise ajour pour le test le jeu si ya encore des cheater

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